Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Doctor is In!

I love going home, I love playing with my nieces!!!! Aliyah just couldn't get enough of playing doctor!!

She doctored me:
daisy doctored

She doctored Kyle:
kyle doctored

She even doctored Harpo!:
harpo doctored

And of course when she was finished doctoring us, we had to doctor her:
playing doctor

Playing doctor involved going through each piece of the play doctor kit. Getting our nails trimmed or fingers cut, our temp taken in our ear, her looking in our ears, hit in the elbow with the reflex tester, our mouth examined with the dentist mirror, our hair 'blow dried' with the light spinner and always ended with the placement of the glasses and the plastic bandage and told you were too sick to get up! lol

"Daisy bill you boctor me?"

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