Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I think the weather guys were right this time :-D

It began around 7:00 last night and still hasn't stopped. As I was laying in bed I looked over and saw a glow that looked like it was coming from downstairs and I thought "crap I left a light on or something" so I rolled out of my warm bed (we keep our house in the lower 60s) to go turn the light off... well once I got downstairs I realize there were no lights on and the glow was just coming from the window since everything was white outside.

But since I was up I thought it was the perfect oppoturnity to capture some pre-snowplow snow shots...
midnight snow

It looks so peaceful and quiet at almost midnight.

Well I went to sleep and woke up to and even deeper snow covered Christmas Eve. I know we have a lot of snow when I open the door to let Harpo out and this happens:
deep snow

I went out and measured it about 1:00 today and there was 6 1/2 inches (on top of whatever else we already had from early December) and it's still coming down. See in Minnesota, it's not like Missouri where when it snows, you get to enjoy it for a few days, then it all disappears. In Minnesota it is here to stay, it comes early December and doesn't leave til April or so.

The fun thing about snow on a day like today, is that it's around 30 degrees so being outside can be FUN!  Harpo doesn't mind the snow when it's this warm out!!
snow bunny harpo

save me mommie

Although, warm weathered snow means that it sticks very well and I don't think he was a fan of all the clumps left on his belly and legs:
this is not funny

Hee Hee, isn't he cute!

puppy print

I hope everyone has a VERY Merry Christmas!!!!

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