Sunday, December 27, 2009

So Many Snowmen

Christmas Day weather was oddly warm... it was above freezing and almost got up to 40 at one part of the day... which made for WONDERFUL packing snow. We didn't get a chance to build a snowman but we did get to enjoy the many in our neighborhood.

On the way over to our friend's house we saw the LARGEST snowman I have ever seen, he had to be about nine feet tall (sorry I didn't get a picture of him).

Once we got back into our neck of the woods, we drove around admiring everyone's Christmas lights, this is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas time. Soon we realized we were admiring all the snowmen more than the lights.

We saw Happy snowmen:
snow happy
Leaning snowmen:
snow man lean
Snowmen families:
snow family
Sideways snowmen:
snow man side
Silent snowmen:
snow silent
Even MONSTER snowmen:
snow monster
And the most impressive wasn't really a snowman at all, but some sort of sculpture!
snow sculpture
I'm not really sure what it is..a person, woman perhaps, sitting in a chair?  Who knows, but it was rather interesting.

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