Monday, December 21, 2009

Week 18

Week 18 blogsize

#120: Hot Cocoa: For the cookie party I had with my mentor small group, I had all the goodies for hot chocolate set out. I still hadn't' used this awesome pottery bowl with lid that we got for our wedding, so I thought it would be perfect to put the marshmallows in!

#121: Harpo ElfDeer: We went to a white elephant party this past weekend and won these antler ears... so I just couldn't resist getting harpo all dressed up to take a holiday picture, lol. He was a real trooper by letting me get his picture, but he really wasn't very happy in it all. He doesn't mind the elf suit, but he could do without the antlers.

#122: 2009 Ornament: Since this is our first married Christmas together we decided to start a tradition of getting a new ornament every year. So this is our FIRST ornament and we marked it as 2009. We thought it was a good representation of Minnesota with the snowy cabin... and the ski's have a little bit of history of us too... AND we're trying out cross country skiing for the first time in a couple weeks, so that'll be exciting!!

#123: Baby Sweater: This is the first sweater I've ever knitted! I had started it not sure who it was for. I ended up giving it to my friend's daughter who is a little peanut, but it was still a little small for her. The sleeves are too small. But hey it was my very FIRST sweater so I gotta learn sometime :-)

#124: Mystic Lake Casino: This is where I took Kyle for his 26th birthday. We went to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze, super fun show!!!!

#125: DIY Project: You know me and my fun DIY projects... well I DIYed a backdrop set thingy with PVC pipe. I thought it was so cool how the pipe looked as it was getting drilled out.

#126: Christmas Cookies: This was round two of Christmas Cookies. I had had a cookie party the week before and this day I was going to another person's cookie decorating party and made the rest of the dough I had prepared. These are shortbread cookies that I ended up being ADDICTED to they were sooooo good!

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Anonymous said...

That sweater is too adorable!

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