Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Project Post 16

I'm falling a little behind with getting this posted... what it's already Wednesday!?!?! My weeks run from Sunday to Saturday, so don't be confused that there is still one picture from when we went home for Thanksgiving :-)

Week 16 blogsize

#106: Aliyah Coloring: After church and before we got back on the road for our 8-10 hour drive (depending on how nice Iowa wants to be to us) we stopped at Red Robbin for some lunch. Aliyah was a little upset at first because she had just lost her Hello Kitty bracelet in the ball pit at church, but she started to cheer up. She is coloring on the menu here. Isn't she a cutie!?! I used PW Seventies Action on this photo to give it a little spunk in color!

#107: Christmas Light Bokeh: I just love bokeh and Christmas time is the best time to get colorful, bright, beautiful bokeh!!!

#108: Neighbors Christmas Lights: Here are some lights from our neighborhood... well this is me sticking my head out our front door to get my daily picture :-P I was a little lazy, yes.... but it's hard when it's already dark when I get home from work!!!

#109: Front yard Christmas Trees: These are our new addition to our Christmas decorations, little lighted trees!!!

#110: Bottom of the Trunk: This is the bottom of a trunk I brought home from my mom's. It used to belong to my great aunt jane. This newspaper is from May 8, 1970.

#111: Minnesota Winter Sun: This is Minnesota Winter Sun... the sky grey's over and the sun remains low all day, this was taken at 3:00 and you can see it's almost below the houses. It's rather depressing, we won't be seeing the sky til late March or April.

#112: Shoe View: I took this for a dps weekend assignment. The assignment was to do with shoes, I thought this would be a fun perspective.

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