Saturday, December 19, 2009

Birthday Surprises

Kyle had a birthday this past week and I was well prepared!!  A few months ago I had found out about this show coming to town and knew Kyle had always wanted to see it... soooo I bought the tickets back in October and have been sitting on them ever since.

I am not a good secret keeper, but luckily I put the tickets out of sight (out of mind) and made it all the way to the front door without telling him.

We arrived at he still wasn't sure:
124 mystic lake casino

I had given in and told him as we were walking away from the car that it was a show.. he kept saying, what show are we seeing at a Casino. As I pulled my camera down from my eye, it was like a light bulb had exploded in his head as he came over to hug me.

"Have you figured it out?"
His reply: "you did really good!"
sign zoomed in

I was taking him to see the Cirque Dreams Holidaze show. Now if you've never heard of Cirque Dreams or Cirque du Soli... well then you're not alone. It wasn't until this last summer that I had ever really heard of them, and I had never seen a show until this night.


I also had some dinner vouchers with the tickets I got so first we ate. I had never been in a casino before and this was my first. As soon as I walked in, my nose detected that this was indeed a smoking casino :-(  then I found it odd that it wasn't like the movies... where were all the 20's and 30 year olds?? All we were seeing were blue hairs.

Then as we were asking for a drink prior to dinner, it dawned on us when our waitress said "this is a dry casino"  OHHHH that is why it is filled with old people... kinda like Branson, Missouri :-P  lol, j/k  We had no idea, like I said this was the first casino I had ever stepped foot in. In the movies they're always drinking. The waitress kept apologizing to us, which we weren't sure why cuz it really wasn't a big deal they didn't have drinks, we just thought we'd have one with dinner, we weren't terribly let down. But I think she apologized at least 5-8 times.

But we enjoyed our dinner and headed on into the show


It was amazing! My favorite part where these two girls that were on a ring in the air. Oh if you didn't check out the link above then I should tell you the Cirque shows are like acrobatics. They do all these cool stunts and tricks.  Kyle's favorite were the three muscle men that did craziness with their strong muscles, like standing three men tall. No nets, no strings, just strength and skill.

I was too involved in the show to take any pictures, but I did get one at the end... they were all so little. Like gymnast bodies.


It was a pretty fun night and we saw some pretty amazing stunts!

Happy Birthday Hunnie!
(it harder than you think to get a halfway in focus picture into a mirror without looking through the camera, this was try three) :-P

Thanks for reading!

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Amanda Kay said...

I'm so glad that you liked the show! I wanted to see that one but it wasn't here on days that we could have made it. =( Keep your eye out for those tickets because there are times when they sale them buy one get one free. I can't wait until we go again. =)

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