Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Cookie Time!!!

Not girl scout cookies, but CHRISTMAS cookies!!!
And of course Hot Cocoa!
hot chocolate

I've never really made Christmas cookies before, but a gal in my small group at the mentor program I volunteer at church thought it'd be really fun for us all to get together with our students and decorate cookies! After many emails back and forth between the four/five mentors, we finally decided on Sunday to have the party. The plan was to decorate cookies then head downtown to the Holidazzle parade. (downtown Minneapolis has a holidazzle parade every year, I have yet to attend one, but maybe I will before this year is over and tell you all about it) so it was in the plan to go, but we decided not to. It turned out that only two students could make it, mine and another one. And there were a total of three mentors there including myself. But we had fun! I had prepared all the dough ahead of time so we could just cut, bake, and decorate.
117 baking christmas cookies

I prepared shortbread dough and gingerbread dough for the party.

We cut our cookies up using the MANY cookie cutters I got from my mom during the Thanksgiving trip home. I think there were 101 cookie cutters in this bundle.
cookie cutting

Then we decorated and nibbled a bit!! MMMM I loved the shortbread cookies!!!
cookie decorating

I'm not such a fan of the gingerbread, never really been a fan for some reason. We even made our names:
my name

It was a fun after noon.
all of us

Harpo was even dressed for the occasion, I didn't get any pictures that day... but I did re-enact the moment last night, so once I get those pictures uploaded I'll have to share :-)

Thanks for reading!

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