Sunday, March 28, 2010

Willow River State Park {Water Falls}


Yesterday I met with my photography group at Willow River State Park in Wisconsin. The meet up was focused on shooting waterfalls.  The forecast was actually calling for rain, but we lucked out and remained dry. AND as far as I know, no one fell in :-)

We started with a little discussion about shooting waterfalls and our leader (Don) talked about the history of the park. We then went over to the damn to get a little bit of practice before hiking out to the falls.
damn fall

And of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get some photos of benches, I'm just so drawn to them
:-P  heehee
park benches b&w

park bench

After some time at the damn area, we hopped in our cars and drove a little ways to the entrance of the falls trail. We had to hike a ways down to get to the waterfalls. Going down was a breeze, coming back up - well that's another story.  They were beautiful! I don't really have much narrating to do for the pictures so I'll just let them speak for themselves.
willow river falls


little falls 1

trunk falls b&w



Another girl and myself climbed a TON of stairs, to check out the over look spot. Nothing too spectacular, but it gave us a nice birds eye view of everything.


One thing I love about these Meet Ups is that I am surrounded by people doing what I love. Kyle would have loved to have gone, but I know after about 10 or 15 minutes he would have been bored out of his mind. Only photographers can spend 2-3 hours in the same location and not get bored, LOL.


After the trip down from the overview spot, my legs were shaking. I am SOOO out of shape. I got a few more pictures and then we headed BACK up toward the parking lot. I love being able to get an afternoon of photographing in AND get a work out :-)

wrf_9 b&w

Happy Spring!


Tish said...

Just a little FYI - damn is the curse word and dam is the structure.

But as I was reading your post it reminded me of National Lampoons Vegas Vacation when they went to visit the dam. =)

Daisy said...

HeeHee, yeah I know. I noticed that when I proof read it, but I decided to leave it for comic relief :-P

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