Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunrise Photo Walk

As you know my husband is in grad school, which means long weekends of studying for him... and me trying to find things to do to keep me busy. I knew if I went out on a photo walk this morning I'd have a blog to post today, thus biding a little time that I won't be pestering my husband :-P

I got out of bed this morning!!!! Well that's not a surprise I was going to eventually. But I got out of bed in time to watch the sunrise. It's amazing how photography can get me out of bed like ::that:: where as during the week I do good to get out of bed before 7:25. As I stumbled down the stairs to let Harpo out at 6:10am I noticed out the window that the sun was already making it's appearance. So it was a mad dash out the door to drive down the road a few miles to my infamous lakes (I gotta scout out some other sunrise locations. You all are going to get so bored of these soon, hee hee) to catch the amazing colors before they vanished. My goal was to get there 30 minute before the 'official' sunrise time. I think next time I need to make it an hour. Problem is as summer approaches that time gets earlier and earlier.
sunrise city

Beside the fact that I was really hoping for some clouds, it was otherwise a beautiful morning.
morning wheat

sunrise bench

The fun thing about Minnesota this time of year is everywhere you walk is a land mine. You never know when you're going to sink through. It's so fun to watch Harpo, poor guy, cuz when he falls through the snow is up to his neck. You can see here I was being very careful not to fall through :-)

frosty leaf

sinking leaf

open snow

morning city

After a few minutes at Lake Calhoun, I headed on over to Lake Harriet which has a better angle to the sun. I had fun playing with my aperture setting to get the sun beam effect!
harriet sunrise

sun spikes

sun spike lake

The lake was so pretty glistening in the sun.
frozen water

Then my butt was frozen from sitting on the frosty bench :-P
harriet bench

Warm Wishes!

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Anonymous said...

Very Nice- daylight savings time starts next sunday so the sun will come us an hour later- saves you a few more weeks.
i like them all - but especially the tree,bench city skyline.
love Mom

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