Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Time!! [updated]

We hit the 60's today!!! I saw the sun for the first time in a week AND so much of the snow melted today!!!
What a wonderful day.

I took this picture this past week (on Friday) to show how much snow we have left mid-March.
209 march house

Today I can say all of that is gone! There is still some snow in shady spots and of course the big piles are still left, but we are seeing grass again and I felt like a snake baking on a rock today while I was walking to our garage. I had to just stop and close my eyes and let the sun warm my skin. AHHH I love spring! I can't wait for my plants to start growing again :-)

[updated below after watching the 10 o'clock news]

Today was a RECORD high of 64°!
The warmest day before today was 47°
The last time it was 64° was November 8th.

Happy Spring!

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