Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Warmth from the sun

One of the reasons I love living in Minneapolis is because spring is much more appreciated here than any other place I've lived in. It was 48° today and it felt WONDERFUL!
sun walk 2

This time of year as soon as it gets above freezing it feels like we live on a tropical island. Okay maybe not a beach island, but it feels pretty damn good compared to single digit numbers :-)

I've been processing this past weekends photo session every free minute I get, but I managed to pull myself away today long enough to take Harpo on a short, much deserved walk. He loved being outside!
harpo walk

And of course peeing on everything we walked by. I guess it's that the land has thawed and now everything has smell again, this was VERY exciting for Harpo!

It was so beautiful today, I hope it stays that way for a while!!

It's not everyday you see your shadow in Minnesota!
harpo shadow

Happy Spring!

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