Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 28

Week 28 blogsize

#190: Blocks: I painted two sets of my blocks for maternity shoots, a purple and pink girl set and a blue and green boy set. I left one set the colors they came in.

#191: Sashimi: Yummm dinner! Since Kyle has class two nights a week, sometimes it's hard to figure out what to fix for dinner when it's just me. It's a perfect time to order take out sushi :-) This is my favorite, albacore tuna!

#192: Trivial Pursuit: I finally won a gave of trivial pursuit. This is the 20th anniversary edition.

#193: Kitting: Knitting, knitting, knitting. This afternoon I found a great sunny spot right near the window. The sunlight from the window was perfect for a picture!

#194: Books: I went to the library to pick up a book I had on hold. When I arrived I found all 6 of my requested books had arrived. I wasn't expecting to get them all at once, lol. As you can tell from my selection, I'm a bit of a photography nerd lately.

#195: Bean Bag Chair: I can't possibly fit the whole story about my afternoon hunt for a damn bean bag chair, so I'll direct you HERE where you can read the story in it's entirety :-)

#196: Newborn Photo Shoot: This little guy was 12 days old. My first newborn photo shoot!! I had a lot of fun and learned lots too!! Like make sure to stress to parents to keep him awake BEFORE I get there... he would not fall back asleep which made it a little difficult to pose. But overall I think the pics turned out good :-)

Warm Wishes!


Ali said...

Daisy, I'm really, really impressed by your pics. They seem to get better and better with every new blog post.

Daisy said...

Thanks Ali!! The hope is that this 365 day project will make me at least a little better ;-) I did feel a little more creative this week, maybe that had a little to do with it, hee hee.

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