Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week 29 of 52

I hit photo 200 this week!!!!
Week 29 blogsize

#197: Grocery shopping day: I love when we have a full refrigerator!

#198: Thin Mints: These didn't last long. I forgot how fast one box of girl scout cookies can disappear.

#199: Pot Roast: I made PW's Pot Roast in my new dutch oven. It was so scrumdiddlyumptious!!! Again this item was one I searched all over for. I was wanting it in blue, but didn't want to have to order online and pay shipping... so I settled for a red cast iron dutch oven.

#200: Flowers: Getting rejected from grad school isn't always the BEST feeling in the world... but my wonderful husband made my day so much better when he brought home these flowers for me.

#201: Green Grass: The grass is starting to show, this HAS to be a sign of spring... right? Harpo and I went for a walk and I actually shot this from the hip and it ended up being my favorite shot from the walk.

#202: Icicle Drop: March is the month of the MELTDOWN, it's like someone left the freezer door open and everything is slowly melting away.

#203: Harriet Sunrise: I got up early to catch the sunrise, hoping to see some clouds in the sky. No luck with the clouds, but I did get to practice using a small aperture to get the sun beams to stand out!

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