Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 31

Week 31 blogsize

#211: photo session: I had a family photo session this day. This family was so cute to photograph!

#212: burritos: Monday night dinner is pretty boring around my house lately, I haven't picked up sushi in a while and cooking for one isn't all that easy. I made left over burritos this night.

#213: netflix: Gotta love Netflix!!!  Although this DVD has a story with it... we have had the movie 'Inglorious Bastards' in our netflix queue for quite sometime, way before it was even available on DVD. Well it's been at the top of our queue for months (since it came out) with the side note of 'very long wait' beside it. Week after week, we wouldn't get Inglorious Bastards, but the number 2 DVD in our queue would get mailed to us instead. My co-worker, Jolene, had Inglorious Bastards on the top of her queue and the side note said 'available now' I jokingly said "if you get that before we do, you've gotta let us borrow it, we've been waiting FOREVER!" well I was only joking, hoping that eventually we'd get it off our own queue... I showed up at work Monday with this movie sitting on my desk, she was such a sweet heart. So we watched it Tuesday night and got it back in the mail for her. It is officially OUT of our queue now!

#214: harpo's shadow: It was such a beautiful day to take Harpo for a walk. It's nice to see the sun again and our shadows :-)

#215: sprouting bulbs: My bulbs are popping up much earlier than last year!!!  I just hope the bunnies and squirrels don't eat them before I get to enjoy their pretty blooms.

#216: new washer: The state of Minnesota recently had an appliance rebate program, so we participated and got a new WASHER!! WOO HOO!  It is so much fun doing laundry in this, and I can even watch it go round and round.

#217: new plant: We picked up a new plant while out grocery shopping. This plant is in Kyle's study corner, adding a little green.

Happy Spring!

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