Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 30 minus 1

Well, I hang my head in shame as I present this week... with a missing hole. As I mentioned in a post before, I did, in fact, MISS a day!!! I was so disappointed, I made it this long capturing a picture EVERYDAY and not cheating. So here is week 30:
Week 30 blogsize

#204: Harpo Haircut: Harpo just got a hair cut, he was long over due for one. he is always the cutest right after a hair cut!

#205: Phone: We FINALLY got a house phone and we can finally say we have a local number. People are always asking "where is that from" after hearing our cell phone numbers. It had been so long since we've had a land line that we had to get new phones because my old cordless wouldn't even work. On a side note I am REALLY tired of all the service calls... really that's all we've gotten besides a few business calls for photography. I did put our number on the DO NOT CALL LIST but that might take a bit to cycle through.


#207: Contact: This morning I woke up with a startle when I realized I had FORGOTTEN to take a picture the day before. The first day I have missed this whole project :-( So I made sure and got a picture, first thing that morning... which was of me putting in my contact. Very tricky to do when the finger you see here is the finger I usually use to press the shutter button!

#208: Newborn Session: I had another newborn session this morning. Babies are so precious, I'm really starting to enjoy newborn photography!

#209: March House: This is our yard, mid-March. It's slowly melting away. It probably would have melted faster if the sun would have been up in the past week.

#210: Bubble: I opened up my new bubble gun I bought for child photography sessions. Some friends came over for brunch and I pulled it out for their 2 year old daughter to play with. Bubbles are so magical.

Happy Spring!

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