Friday, March 5, 2010

I don't mean to brag or anything

but we just got back from the vet and Harpo was such a GOOOOOOD boy!!!!
fenced in harpo03

We had his annual visit today. In which I was 'suppose' to bring a fecal sample but of course I could NOT get him to poop for me. So we showed up empty handed.
harpo head out window

Harpo weighed in at 23.3 pounds and of course I had to hear how he is big (tall) for a mini-schnauzer.

But then I also got to hear "it is so nice to have a dog come in where we don't have to talk about weight. so many dogs are over weight these days, Harpo looks great"

Harpo is such a good boy on the table, the doc asked if this was our only dog and I said "Yes, and he is a little spoiled"
my lil buddy

Doc's reply "well spoiled dogs don't usually act this great. he's such a people dog and so obedient"
081 overcoming fear

::rosy cheeks:: from being such a proud mama.

003 harpo

Harpo also got his nails trimmed today, because well I am too forgetful to keep up with it and then they get too long to use the dremel effectively. I tried to clip them once with the clippers and I ended up crying cuz he bled. I can't handle to see my baby in pain. So if I can remember this time, I will dremel them consistently so they don't get so long next time.

And he's in need of a hair cut. Badly!
051 Clean Pooch

And of course the first thing he did once we got home was.... take a poop!!! A little late for that one!
backyard winter harpo backpath

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