Friday, March 26, 2010

Monday Walk

Wow I am a little behind on updating my blog. I guess I've just been busy lately. Doing what, I'm not really sure. Last weekend we went to an 'office' party and now I am finally watching the episodes! We are starting from the beginning and so far are mid-second-season. It's hilarious!!

So Monday I took Harpo on a little stroll. I probably should have went for a run, but I didn't. I wanted to get some pictures for my 365 364 project so the walk won.

There were a lot of planes out and I got a LOT of pictures of them. Too bad they all look the same and instead of boring you with a ton, I'll just show you this one.

We walked over to this little park a few blocks from us, called Bronx Park. All the neighborhoods in our area have little 'neighborhood names' ours is Bronx Neighborhood. Funny how we saw this shoe hanging in the tree in the park.
bronx park shoetree

We (as in Harpo and I) also saw a bald eagle! It was flying pretty far from us, so I didn't really get a close up, sorry for the blur.
bald eagle

On our way back home I got a few more pictures, this little windmill gave this yard a little 'country' feel.
yard mill

And then we made a complete circle.
219 our house

Happy Spring!

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