Thursday, April 1, 2010

Week 32

I've been putting this off and putting this off, but finally I have it ready to post!! I'm still doing good with capturing a photo everyday, but it is getting rather difficult. I am having to put together more of an effort to get one in everyday than I felt like I had before. Hopefully with it being nice out, things will start 'popping' up to photograph. I've been shooting my bulbs for the past few days (which you'll see next week).
Week 32 blogsize

#218: Harpo sunbathing: This was just such a darling moment I couldn't pass it up. Harpo was relaxing in the sun on Sunday afternoon. I really like how this lighting turned out, it sets a very dramatic mood.

#219: our house: I couldn't help but take this as Harpo and I headed back to the house after our pleasant walk.

#220: backyard: I got this shot on a walk we took around the block.

#221: Harpo's Silhouette: I was practicing getting Harpo's silhouette for my maternity session I had the following weekend, hey I gotta practice on something, right? :-P

#222: AN Published: After submitting my application for my Certificate of Assumed Name for my business I had to get it published in a local newspapers two weeks in a row. This is the first week it was printed!

#223: Happy Harpo: Harpo is SOOOO excited that is it warm out again. He has been absolutely NUTS with all this warm weather. I couldn't help but capture his excitement of running all over the backyard!

#224: trunk falls: It was hard picking the picture for this day because in the morning I had a maternity shoot and got lots of wonderful pictures. Then in the afternoon I went on a meet up with my photography group to Willow River State Park (WI) to get pictures of the falls. I decided on this one because it ended up being my favorite. I love unique views of things, and the texture in this tree trunk.

Happy Spring!

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