Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our favorite dog park

After church, Easter Sunday, we hurried home to our furry friend and picked him up to go to Minnehaha Dog Park. It was another beautiful day and we wanted nothing else but to enjoy it.  Harpo's feelings were mutual.
going to the park

We love going to this park because it gives Harpo a chance to run free in the wilderness and we can have a nice little walk to. Unlike most dog parks, this one isn't just a fenced in yard.  He also gets to meet lots of friends, although he is usually so busy running around, he doesn't have time to make friends.
running harpo

And of course once we make it down to the Mississippi river, he is always thirsty and has to get a drink.
mississippi drink break
Just like the MN river was flooded the day before, the MS river was up a lot higher than it usually is. In that photo where Harpo is drinking, there is usually a sandy bank area where dogs and humans run up and down.

One thing we do not like about this park (and that we always forget about but it's never forgotten) are the cuckleburs.
Since Harpo has long hair, they get nestled in real good and it's such a pain to pick them out.

This little guy, somehow got out on the rock and was too scared to go back into the water. He ended up taking a leap and making it to shore.
stranded puppy

On our walk back up the hill, we saw a lot of little creatures.  This butterfly was resting on the fence:
232 resting butterfly

And this squirrel was having lunch
hungry squirrel

Happy Spring!

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