Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week 35

I kinda got a few days behind on getting these posted a while ago, and it's kinda stuck. Oh well, here they are :-P
Week 35 blogsize

#239: Time for Dinner: Our first grilled out meal of the year: Chicken, mashed potatoes and steamed veggies, yum-yum! Yes that is Disney World on TV, lol.

#240: Harpo on the deck: Harpo LOVES being outside. He is so funny when he stands on the deck and pokes his head around the corner in this tiny slot. Not sure why he does this when he could run down off the deck and stand next to the fence getting a better view of the front yard.

#241: Tulip: My tulips are blooming and they are beautiful!

#242: Ladybug Daisy: I was working out this morning and noticed a lady bug crawling across the basement floor. After my workout I scooped him up, grabbed my vase of daisies and headed to the back deck to get some pictures of them together.

#243: New camera accessory: I got a battery grip for my camera, I love it! It has a portrait shutter, so now there are TWO shutter release buttons. It also makes it a little heavier and bigger which can help steady a shaking hand and allow me a better grip on the camera. WOO HOO!

#244: Izzy's Ice Cream: This day I got to go to lunch with one of my 409 friends! Jen is from Georgia. It was my first G2G (get together!) Some of the 409 girls that live closer get to have them more often, but since Jen was coming up to Minneapolis to visit her family, she took some time away and went to lunch with me. We went to Tuggs Tavern which is on St. Anthony Main (by St. Anthony Falls) and then she told me about this Ice Cream place she had been to and seen on the Food Network, it's crazy how I had never heard of it! So we went. All scoops come with a little Izzy scoop on top!

#245: The Melting Pot: This was Kyle and I's FIRST anniversary. We decided to go try the Melting Pot. We actually called to make reservations early February for Valentine's day, but since they only had a special menu for V-Day we decided to just make reservations for our anniversary instead.  It was DELISH. Definitely the most expensive meal either of us had ever had, but it was well worth it - ya gotta do something elaborate for your first anniversary right?

Happy Spring!

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