Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week 34

Better late than never, eh?
Week 34 blogsize

#232: Butterfly (Mourning Cloak): This is actually the first butterfly I have shot. We were at Minnehaha Dog Park, heading back up the hill, when I looked over and saw this guy bathing in the sun on the fence.

#233: Hyacinth bloom: Beautiful, beautiful blooms! It's spring!

#234: Watch 'em Grow: I did some gardening today, planted pepper, basil, and chive seeds. Hopefully it'll be a good start to my patio garden. The little guy standing there is my potato scrubber :-)

#235: hyacinth: Can you tell I'm a little excited about my hyacinth!?! They didn't bloom last year, so I'm trying to capture them as much as possible this year. And I'm glad I did because now, only 10 days later they do not look as pretty as they did here.

#236: Clean Floor: When we re-did the dining room I had cleaned the floor really good, but didn't get the middle of the floor where we had all our furniture. You could see the difference and it had been on my 'to do' list for quite sometime. So I finally got down and cleaned the middle of the room like I had last November.

#237: Clean Flower Pots: Cleaning the pots in preparation for the ice cream dessert I made for the progressive dinner.

#238: Finished Flower Pot Dessert: These are the flower pot desserts I made for the progressive dinner!

Happy Spring!

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