Thursday, April 22, 2010

Melting Pot: Anniversary Dinner

For our anniversary dinner we went to the Melting Pot!
mlps skyline

melting pot sign

Side note: this is Kyle's 'door'. He walks in it to go to class on the nights he has school.
kyle's door

Neither of us had ever been, but heard great things about it!  We got the 'Big Night Out' which was a four course meal!

We got seated in a private little booth, with a view of the Foshay building (my favorite building in Mpls, although I couldn't really see the top). Each table has it's own little burner built in to heat the 'melting pot'.
view of foshay

hot pot

We started with the Cheese fondue.
Oh wait, back up a bit, we started with a few refreshing beverages! :-)  I got the 'Love Martini' I thought it was appropriate, hee hee.
love martini

THEN came the cheese fondue (which they make in front of you), with three types of bread, fresh veggies, and apple slices for dipping.
first course

cheese bread dip

bread dipped in cheese

After the first course came salads. I got lettuce wraps and Kyle got the ceasar salad.  Next was our meal!

And what a meal it was! We had a mushroom sherry broth for cooking, the waiter put the veggies in first since it took the longest.
veggies cooking

Then we cooked our meats. The waiter gave us instructions on cooking times, 30 seconds for the dumplings and tuna, a minute for the shrimp and lobster, two minutes for the steak, pork, and chicken. Yum Yum! And so many dipping sauces to choose from.
meat tray

cooking dinner

cooked meat

put on plate

It was a fun little evening of fondue cooking!
245 melting pot

Just when you think you have no more room, dessert arrives! (well not right away, we actually had a while for our food to settle between courses)  We choose a ying yang chocolate - a mixture of white chocolate and dark chocolate.
ying yang chocolate

And had SOOO many yummies to choose from for dipping!  Strawberries, bananas, rice cripies (my favorite), oreo and grahmn cracker crusted marshmallows, brownies, pound cake, and cheese cake! My oh My!

It was a superb first anniversary!!
yum yum

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary! The Melting Pot was a great choice in my opinion for an anniversary dinner!

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