Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Minnesota Flooded River Valley

Saturday was such a beautiful day, we wanted to get out an enjoy it. We were hoping to find a new place to hike. We loaded up Harpo and headed out the door, he who was SUPER excited as usual!
231 happy harpo

We headed southwest to Minnesota River Valley State Park. As we pulled up we noticed a group of people and I immediately recognized their swords and spears from the movie 'Role Models'.  We later found out these people are called LARPers. We never really knew they existed until that day.

We were actually very glad to have seen that group because we arrived to closed trails, due to the river being flooded. So that was pretty much our excitement of the day.
trail closed

We got back in our jeep and headed down the river a little bit. The main bridge was closed off, but there was a little parking spot that we stopped in and got out to walk around.
high water

This was marked on the pavement to show where the water was on March 23rd
water line

Harpo, of course, was whining a ton. He normally does this when we go somewhere, then takes a poop, and then he calms down. Since he would not go poop for us, we let him off the leash, hoping he'd find himself some privacy and drop a deuce. Instead he found a stick to play with!
harpo stick

He never ended up taking a poop, but he sure had fun running around.
happy harpo end

Happy Spring!

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