Saturday, April 17, 2010

Progressive Dinner

Last weekend we participated in a progressive dinner with our newly married group at church. We started in Maple Grove at one couples town-home for salad, cheese & crackers, and this AWESOME ranch/bacon bit bread, OH it was so good!
Then we traveled onto Golden Valley to another couple's apartment for pizza! We made our own, they had the dough prepared for us then ALL the toppings laid out with printed labels sitting in front of each :-) It was so good! My pizza had tomato sauce, then mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, sweet pepper pieces, caramelized shallots, then three different types of cheeses on top: goat, another G cheese and something else I can't quite remember. but it was DELISH!
For dessert everyone headed to our house for a fun little springtime flower pot dessert I had made, and had a lot of fun making!

I got the recipe from Pioneer Woman, of course. I found flower pots in the $1 bin at Target... they were a little big, but that's okay. The only other ones they had were painted and rather small, so I thought I'd just go with these. (and everyone got to keep theirs in the end, I hope they plant something fun in it :-) of course they all took them home with half the dessert left in it since they were rather big, hee hee)

237 clean flower pots

Here were my supplies, which still a week later we have plenty of ice cream and pound cake left over!

First I cut up the pound cake to sit in the bottom.
cut the pound cake

Then cut the straws (which will hold the flowers) to put in the bottom. I had to use softened ice cream, but then I scooped that in, hid the gummy worms (muahaha) and cleaned the top up a bit before I stuck them back in the freezer. I did all this on Friday since my Saturday was pretty busy with photo shoots.
hide the worm

I also got the 'dirt' ready on Friday and set it aside. Two packages of oreos (I have a lot of dirt left over too) I usually just put it in a ziploc back and crunch them, but I used my food processor this time. I was so excited how it REALLY looked like dirt, all the white parts which usually don't crush well in the ziploc back disappeared!

And the finished product:
238 flower pot dessert

Saturday after the pizza entrée, we left before everyone so we could put the finishing touches on the desserts. I got them out the of freezer (notice the frost on the edges of the pots) and stuck the flowers in the straws. Yes they are real flowers, and of course I had to pick daisies. And of course like all the other ingredients I got a lot more than I needed, so we still have daisy bouquets all over the house. It's actually an advantage for Kyle because since it's our anniversary today, he didn't need to get me flowers, we still have them in every room :-P
So the flowers are stuck in the straw then I added the 'dirt' to the top!!

They sure were fun and everyone enjoyed them! Oh the green pots had the mint chocolate chip ice cream and the brown pots were chocolate ice cream. They loved the surprise gummy worms too :-)

Happy Spring!

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