Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 33

Week 33 blogsize

#225: Papa Murphys: This night we tried out a Papa Murphy's pizza. It was pretty exciting (for me) to watch them make it, then carry it home and cook it ourselves!

#226: First Bloom: I planted these two falls ago, but last spring I didn't have any come up. So I'm super excited to have my first Hyacinth bloom!!

#227: PPA Tour: I went to a PPA (Professional Photographers of America) Tour seminar. Allison & Jeff Rodgers were the speakers and I learned lots about the business side of photography.

#228: Bulbs: I have bulbs popping up everywhere, it's so fun when the world starts to slowly turn green again, I love spring in Minnesota!

#229: Tired Squirrel: This guy was so funny laying on a branch in my next door neighbors back yard tree.

#230: Hyacinth: My first Hyacinth bloom. It's so beautiful! There is even another one popping up right next to it.

#231: Happy Harpo: Harpo LOVES riding in the jeep! We were headed to a state park in this picture for a hike. Unfortunatly when we got there, the Minnesota river was up so high all the trails were flooded. But that didn't stop Harpo from having a good time!

Happy Spring!

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