Thursday, April 15, 2010


I finally got week 34 ready to post, which I'll do tomorrow. I'm still getting a picture everyday, it's just taking me longer to get them off my card. I had two photo shoots this weekend, hope over to my photoblog and check them out.

In the mean time I want to leave you with these two photos, which I just ABSOLUTELY LOVE! Here's a little back story. So last weekend we had a progressive dinner with our newly married group (I will be posting on that later as well, yes I'm behind in blogging, posting late is starting to become a trend, sorry) and I had to get some daisies for the dessert I made. So we have tons of daisies around the house now. Yesterday morning while I was working out I saw a lady bug crawling along the floor in the basement, which gave me the grand idea for these photos. I gave the ladybug a little ride upstairs, took the flowers outside for some el natural light and viola! I just love them!!! (hope you do to) :-)

daisy ladybug

daisy ladybug2

Only problem now, I can't figure out which of the two I should make my photo of the day... I guess I'll see if I end up needing a landscape shot or a portrait shot :-P

Happy Spring!

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Mallorey said...

I like the landscape better!! Very pretty!!!

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