Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer fun (day 1)

Lake Cabin Pano

This past weekend we were invited to stay with some friends at their cabin on Bear Trap Lake. We had a super dooper time!! Ella and Andy's lake cabin is about an hour and a half from our house near Amery, WI.
arrival waters

We got there on Saturday a little before noon, the weather wasn't really cooperating with us, it was rather chilly and windy
windy harpo

But that didn't stop Harpo from running around having the time of his life!!!
running harpo

We set camp up and got unloaded, then hung out and played some games, ate a little lunch, then went out in the boat for a little fishing. Ella drove us:
Ella driver

We fished near some loons:
the loon

No luck there, but we did catch a lot of weeds:
anchor weeds anchor cleaning

Then we fished over by the cabin. Then the boys decided just to fish in the water near the dock:
K dock fishin

Ahhh the life:
ahh the life of men

Then we had dinner, some YUMMY YUMMY burgers!! And decided to go back out in the boat for a little more fishing - hoping to have better luck this time. Harpo came with us, he's never been out on a boat before and I'm pretty sure he loved it. It was like hanging his head out the window, but BETTER!
first boat ride
harpo on bow harpo and the moon harpo flying ears
harpo kyle & moon on bow

fishing sunset

I was getting rather inpatient with fishing, see it was my first time fishing with out live bait so this - cast, reel in, cast, reel in, cast, reel in was getting very monotonous for me... UNTIL I came up with a little theory of my own and it only works if you're in a boat out in the water, it won't work from a dock or if you're standing in water. But you tip the end of the pole down into the water to act like you're a duck just swimming around... and WALLA a fish will bite! This is the only one I caught, and I owe it all to my theory:
my fish

Kyle said he did catch one earlier when they were wading and I think Andy caught one too. But that's pretty much all the luck we had. I think the windy weather was keeping them away.
sunset lake

Once on shore Andy fixed up a nice little fire and we hung out around it for a bit:
campfire huddle

I also got some cool shots of the stars spinning, but I'll share those in a later post :-)

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