Sunday, August 23, 2009

Y27: Week 1 of 52

Week 01
So I made it through week one and took a picture everyday thus far. This might be something hard as time goes on. It's hardest during the week when we're not doing new and exciting things and I have to be creative all by myself in figuring out what to get a picture of. So, I'm sorry if some are 'boring' along the way.... what do you expect with 365 shots that can only be counted one a day. I know there are many days I have many great shots.... but I gotta pick just one.

Now I'm still trying to figure out how to blog them all. I made a template (above) with seven photos in one, but I'd like to still be able to tell about each picture. So I'm not sure if I should just describe them (like I will today) or if I should post the collage then re-post each individual picture and then talk about each one.... how bout you vote, if you have a preference? :-)

Alright here I go:

Day 1: August 16: Minnehaha Falls: this was one of those 'hard to pick days' when we did so much that I had many options to choose from. I wanted to go to Minnehaha Falls to use my new tripod and practice getting nice water flow shoots. This ended up being my favorite shot of the day, therefore it is number ONE of my project. I think it's a good one to start off with!

Day 2: August 17: squirrel: this shot was actually taken as I was getting in the car to go grocery shopping. It was the end of the day and we needed to go to Sam's. I hadn't taken a picture yet so I thought I'd take it with me to the grocery store and see what I'd find. I just loved how this squirrel was all sprawled out on his belly (much like Harpo lays) so I got a shot of him and ended up liking it better than anything I captured at the grocery store.

Day 3: August 18: Harpo smile: I actually only took two shots this day, one before this and then this one... I just loved how it turned out. Sometimes it is hard to get a good shot of Harpo since he rarely stays still unless sleeping... but he is looking right into the camera on this one... and it even kinda looks like I'm using a fisheye lens (which I'm not), isn't he cute?

Day 4: August 19: tomatoes with water drops: It had rained ALL day and I needed something to take a picture of so I went around the yard getting various drops of water on all my plants. This was the winner!

Day 5: August 20: buzztime and beer: when we lived in Georgia we really got into doing the buzztime trivia... it's offered at various select restaurant/bars, and it's FREE! This evening we just happen to want to go grab a beer and a bite to eat, and we had a coupon for a place right down the road 'Park Tavern', they so happen to have buzztime trivia.

Day 6: August 21: patio garden: I was really desperate this day and stuck to something easy... our patio garden! Kyle ate one of the strawberries later that night, then the darn squirrels are coming out and we think he ate the other one the next day! Little culprit!

Day 7: August 22: bacon wrapped japs: this day was a little tricky too, but not too much. My dad was in town over the weekend and we went to Minnehaha dog park, since I will most likely have MANY pictures of Harpo at the dog park, I decided to pick this one, which is what we made for an appetizer that evening. Yum, Yum!!!

Don't forget.....
I'd love some comments on how you'd like my weekly Y27 blog to be?
Would you like to see each picture separate?
More dialog?
Less dialog?
I'd love any advice you would like to give!

Thanks for reading :-)


Amanda Kay said...

I love the weekly post look. It puts all your random and creativeness together. As for the text, I personally like it. I think your fun/funny so I like reading. If I was some rando person I might not like it as much, but I don't know. LOL. I think I just got to the point where I should email you. LOL

SaraV said...

I agree with AJ. I think the post looks fine. Maybe one week do a collage then the next week do individual ones. I stuck with individual ones because I don't know how to make a collage.

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