Monday, August 17, 2009

Seven Sushi


For my birthday Kyle took me to a restaurant called Seven. It was a steakhouse/sushi restaurant.... because he knows my favorite food is SUSHI! But the fun part was that it was roof top dining.

We started off with a few drinks. Here is a cucumber martini I ordered. And if you're thinking, ew gross... then you are RIGHT! It really wasn't that great.
cucumber martini

I mean comeon' at least put a cucumber in it for eye appeal. It could have been the Gin in it that I didn't like, I'm not really sure if I'm a Gin fan or not since I don't really remember ever having it. But this drink also had mint leaves in it... it just didn't leave a good flavor in my mouth. And as my friend described gin today "gin tastes like how pine needles smell" that is rather a good description of what this tasted like.

It was such a gorgeous day for roof top seating. Not too hot, and beautiful skies!
daisy roof top

After a nice year reflection chat, we ordered our food. Now when we ordered I thought surely it was going to be a lot of food and we'd have some leftover for take home...
kyle sushi

but I thought wrong. We had nothing left over. It was good, but my honest review is, I've had much better sushi for a fraction of the price. So although I don't recommend their sushi as being my top favorite, the experience was fun and I would defiantly recommend this place for that reason alone. Maybe just come for a few drinks then head next door to Fogo de Chao (which I've never been to either, but want to)

I did try to capture a panorama view... but what I was going for was more of a pieced together look... I'm still kind of working on it and I'll post again if I can get it the way I am wanting, but here is a rough draft of it....
pano test


Amanda Kay said...

As much as I don't like Sushi, I love the picture of it. The colors are beautiful. Your panorama came out awesome too. Keep up the awesome work!

Amanda Kay said...

P.S. - Thumbs up to Kyle for letting you take so many picture of him. He's a good sport!

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