Monday, August 31, 2009

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park (Part 2)

August 29 & 30th, we went camping up on the north shore of Lake Superior at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. Here's Part 1.

As soon as we got to the state park, we walked to our campsite (but we didn't take anything yet), then we headed off on the trail. Here is a map of the trail we walked on. We took the one down along lake superior, then went around and walked back on the paved trail just south of the highway.
Look out Pano Lake Superior
**sorry this panorama is not viewable on all computers. You should be able to click the image and view it in Flikr.**

It had sprinkled on us a little at the beginning of our walk, but quickly stopped.  It was a pretty cloudy day, and rather chilly out by the water, but it still didn't take away from the beauty of the lake!

water on rocks

north shore

lighthouse in background

distant split rock lighthouse

self portrait

kyle lake superior

Harpo looking out


family portrait

We came across this Corundum Mine site: "In 1901, Duluth prospector Ed Lewis claimed to have discovered a form of the valuable mineral corundum. Used for grinding wheels and sandpaper, corundum was in high demand out East. Its discovery prompted three companies, including Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing (3M), to begin mining in Minnesota. The North Shore Abrasives Company began mining at Corundum Point in 1904. Unfortunately, it was not corundum, but a softer mineral called anorthosite. The operation closed in 1908, and fire destroyed the mine shacks two years later." (taken from the sign on the trail)
corundum site collage

Kyle was finding lots of berries to eat along the way... and I just didn't feel comfortable eating things I didn't really know what they were. But close to the end of the trail we came across some people, they had a dog in the back buggie of their bikes that Harpo got to meet. But I noticed they were picking lots of berries and eating them, so after that I felt okay eating the berries.  A ways down the road Kyle finally noticed I was eating some with him and said "Oh I see how it is, you're only eating them because you saw those other people eating them" lol ::snicker snicker::
handful of berries

Had to get some shots of the pretty flowers =)
yellow flowers  my relatives

There's still more coming....

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