Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Phones!!!

I remember the day we got our old phones, August 2007... ahh it was such a beautiful day! We had NEW phones, with cool features.... then 2008 hit and our phones were not cool and hip anymore... then the boom of internet phones came out and our phones were really out dated... then came fall 2008 and our phones started getting minds of their own... sending text message before we were ready, not turning off when we wanted them too, etc.


The time has finally arrived... it's crazy how two years seems to drag on when you're looking forward to getting rid of something. And with the way technology is booming, how can one phone be up-to-date for two whole years???


I'm one of those people that refuse to pay full price when it's not necessary, and phone companies are one of those things that takes advantage of people like me. They hook you in these two year contracts, so that if you want a new phone they make you pay 'full price' (aka ridiculous mark up).

Besides that two year mark for a reduced price in phones we were also looking to switch providers. I like to be loyal to my companies, but when you move around like Miss Daisy here, you can't help but switch up things every so often.

I was on sprint for the longest time when I moved to New York fall of 2004. The cool thing there was BLACKBERRIES and at the time T-Mobile had them. And to be honest, my cousins had the COOLEST QWERTY keyboard phones (cool then, totally old now) and they had T-Mobile so that is part of the reason I switched. So since about 2005 or so I had T-Mobile. Yeah I guess it would have been August of 2005 (4 years ago). I like them, good service. Move back to Missouri, moved to Georgia... tried to lower phone costs so added Kyle to my plan in summer of 07, which is when we got our last phones. They were free phones, which I've learned, if you want a decent phone, pass on the free with contract phones.... they don't hold up very well.

Then we moved to Minnesota, we had to stand near a window in our old apartment to get solid service... ugh that was a pain. Service at our house wasn't as bad, but still not the best.... and did I mention our phones felt so out of date compared to all the commercials and phones our friends and colleagues carried?? So we waited, we waited for that August 2009 day when we could finally get new phones AND decided to switch providers.

phones plugged in

We are now with Verizon, and luckily my work company allows me to take advantage of an employer discount. We are playing the same monthly bill, but have a much cooler service! YAH for internet on our phones. This is going to be just like our TiVo service... once you live with it you can never live without it.

Oh btw, I got the enV Touch phone and Kyle got the enV 3.... we love 'em so far. Don't worry in about a year they'll be 'old school'. LOL

PS: I just love the clutter in that second picture... it's true life!

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