Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Camping: State Park #5 (Part 1)

campsite pano

Oh wow, what a fun weekend! So much crammed into a 48 hour period, but it was well worth the tiredness it brought on. 

I feel a little overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start, so I've decided to just start basic! Don't worry (mom) I will get all the beautiful photos up eventually ;-)  This is part one... of probably many. But if my plan goes accordingly there should be about 7 parts. (not bad since I took over 500 pictures!)

So to begin!

We checked out another state park this weekend: Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, which is about 3.5 hours from our house and is located along Lake Superior. It is gorgeous up along the north shore!  And cold!  The last time we were up there was two years ago this coming October. It only got down to 40 on Saturday night, so that was good... seeing how when we checked the weather on the way up it had given us a low of 37! Yes those 3 degrees were better ;-P

We decided to live spontaneous, and headed up there without a camping reservation... well there were no reservations available so we were just hoping.  Our first choice was to stay at Split Rock Lighthouse SP, but there was also a SP five minutes south, Gooseberry Falls SP, and then another one 10 minutes north, Tettegouche SP. So out of those three we were hoping we were in. It start sprinkling on the way up, and we took our chances by passing up Gooseberry and heading to Split Rock Lighthouse.... 'FULL' says the sign at Split Rock so we continue on to Tettegouche. I get out and go inside "sorry no more sites left"... well crap!  So we head back south. I call ahead to Gooseberry to make sure, they have 70 sites, so surely one is available!!!  I get put on hold a few times, the office must have been busy and the lady tells me "well we only had one site available and that was a while ago so it's probably taken by now".  Well crap, so I call Split Rock Lighthouse... JUST to make sure. I ask if they have any available and she says "Yes we have 3 spots, where are you coming from?"  I spit out "we're right down the road ready to turn in, we'll be right there!!!!"  AHHHH I was SOOO thankful we found a spot, what a fiasco, but that's the fun part of living spontaneous right?  =)

campsite stairs

This ended up being our most favorite campsite so far. It was a cart in site, only about 2 blocks from the parking lot. So we were pretty secluded, which meant no barking from Harpo... YEAH!!  We had a food locker for our food, and their was even a little area of woodchips for our tent. 
woodchips bed

We normally sleep on an air mattress, but didn't bring it this time. We both agreed that we slept better off the air mattress than we did when we had it.

After a walk around the state park trails, we set up camp.  It was mainly an up hill slant TO the site, which caused Kyle a lot of work getting that cart to the site.
site number 9
cart in camping

Luckily getting it back to the car was easier since it was downhill.
cart away
(and you can't really see it, but Lake Superior is in view, right over Kyle's head in that above shot)

My brother sent me a birthday gift of a few camping utensils, a P38 can opener, and a magnesium fire striker.  We put them all to good use:
start a fire
P38 opener

We had a pretty nice view of trees from our campsite, which was so relaxing.
beautiful campsite view

We got up early to watch the sunrise over Lake Superior, and when we got back, there was a deer pretty close to our site. This picture here was taken after it trotted away a bit and he wasn't as close.
deer near campsite

Like I said we had a food locker to keep our food away from the bears and rodents...
food locker

or so we thought. When I went in to get our cereal out I found that our Doritos, marshmallows, and chocolate had been nibbled at. We didn't find the little feller, but we think it was rummaged by chipmunks, since Kyle saw a few the night before.
damn rodents  rodent buffet  rodent turds

I was so mad the little sh!ts got into our Doritos!  We don't eat junk food very often and camping is one time we get things like Doritos, luckily there was less than a quarter of the bag left, but still - I was looking forward to eating them for lunch that day, oh well! And of course they didn't even touch Harpo's food!

Stay tuned, more to come! =)

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Rhiannon said...

You probably already know this, but tip for your air mattress: put one of those silver emergency blankets from a first aid kit (or you can buy them from Walmart in the camping section cheap) between your air mattress and your fitted sheet. It's a little crinkly, but it is much, much warmer than sleeping on the mattress filled with all that cold air. I think a fleece blanket also works, as I used that during our backyard campout. =)

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