Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh the things I learn

drinking from the mighty mississippi

Last weekend, Kyle, my dad, harpo, and I went to the Minnehaha Dog Park. This is our FAVORITEST!!! dog park of all time! It's a 4+ acre dog park that goes down along the Mississippi river.  It's fun for us because it's like we're hiking trails but Harpo doesn't have to stay on a leash. It's fun for Harpo because even if we were there for only 30 minutes, he wears himself out because it's so big and he can run as fast as his little legs will allow!

he went a little deeper

He even got in the water farther than he ever has before! We were so proud of him, I think that swimming a few weeks ago helped ;-)

My learned lesson of the day was this:

If I'm going to be in a dog park... switch my shooting priority mode off of apeture and onto SHUTTER priority!

These dogs are too quick...thus producing lots of blurry pics :-(
blurry olde english BD

But they're still cute... right?
blurry basset

Thanks for reading!

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Amanda Kay said...

Okay that last doggie is a little scary! HA HA.

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