Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project 365

Today begins my project Y27 (said like why-two-seven)

If you haven't heard of project 365, I'll tell you a little bit about it. I first heard of project 365 from my friend Rhiannon. It's a fun project where you take a picture everyday of the year. Now it can be of whatever you want, where-ever you want. But the idea is you are taking 365 pictures and they say "if you do something everyday for one year, you are bound to get better at it".... so I decided to wait until my birthday to start it, making it my project Y27 (as in my twenty-seventh year of life) I just had to give it a catchy name :-)

Now, days like today are going to be rather hard to pick ONE picture... seeing how we've been to the Mall of America, Minnehaha Falls, Downtown, new place to eat..... but I did pick this one to share, but not sure if it'll be my picture of the day:

And then I have to share one Kyle shot, while we were eating at Seven (a sushi place) on the rooftop in downtown Minneapolis (more to come), because... well... you just don't see many pictures of me:
daisy bday seven

So I'm thinking I will have a weekly Y27 post, sharing my photos of the week. I do plan to scrapbook them all, but not sure how (digital or photo/paper) I'll figure it out as I go :-) So I hope you enjoy my photos I have to share!!!

More ideas for 365 days of picture taking.

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