Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dog Walk

dog walk

It's so 'fun' to take Harpo on walks. I use the term 'fun' loosely. I enjoy getting out and strolling around, I enjoy how happy Harpo gets to smell new things and pee on new things, but I guess part of that 'fun' is also mixed with annoyance at how crazy Harpo walks because of that excitement. Harpo LOVES! walks, okay what dog doesn't.

flowers low view

I wanted to go take some pictures of these beautiful flowers I found last year that I just love. And I've been looking forward to them blooming all summer. Their peak blooming time was probably a week or so ago. It'd be right now too, except it has been so hot lately that a lot of plants are starting to wilt if not watered. It's crazy how just 3 months ago this spot on this neighbors lawn was just freshly tilled dirt with little fences around it so no one would walk on it. But I knew.... I knew what was lying beneath the surface, and I knew it was going to be beautiful come this time.

flowers kyle background

Now last year I called up my mother trying to describe this type of flower to her, she is super smart with plants and flowers, but explaining things over the phone isn't always easy... for me. We did land at the possibility they are Indian Paint Brushes, but after looking those up they just don't have the full green leaves like the ones in my photos. Maybe my mom will have a better idea once she sees these photos. Or if any of you have a better guess, please do leave it in the comments.


Daisy said...

Can you see the complete first picture?? On my wide screen it shows up fine, but I'm not sure if the whole view shows up on normal sized screens??

Mom said...

Beautiful Pics!
the plants are Cannas.

Amanda Kay said...

I love the Harpo pictures! Is Kyle posing in that one? If I didn't know better I would think you were randomly taking a picture of a guy and his dog.

Daisy said...

LOL, kyle isn't posing, he was actually watching squirrels off to the side while I was shooting away. He tends to not really pay attention to me cuz he knows I will take a LOT of pictures. That's just his patiently waiting face :-)

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