Thursday, August 27, 2009

Number 9

009 boys bridge sunset
This is my ninth image for my project Y27.  I took it - Monday, August 24th while leaving the dog park, that is right down the street in our neighborhood. 

It is actually a combination of two photos.  I first snapped this one:
take one sky shot

Then when looking at the playback on my LCD realized it had exposed for the sky.  So I changed a few settings then re-snapped it to get this one:
take two kyle harpo shot

Now once I got back home on the computer I realized I liked the sky better in the first one, so just decided to combine the two!

I opened up the dark, good sky one in photoshop, then placed the second good shot one of the boys on top of it - which created a second layer.  Then using a layered mask, I erased the over exposed sky on the top layer (the one you can see kyle and harpo) to reveal the good exposed sky beneath it.  Then after a little croppping -to get rid of a big tree to the left that didn't line up very well- I got my end result, wa-la! Now would you have ever noticed if I didn't tell you??

:-) Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

very cute pic- i like that they are not aware you are capturing them in a photo.
Mom P

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