Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun in the Sun (day 2)

little cabin in the woods

I haven't been out on a boat in a really really long time. So long I actually forget the last time I was out in a boat.... maybe high school? Or wait no, I went out with my Squires family at some point in college, it was maybe.... '02, so SEVEN years ago? OH MY!

Needless to say, I was way over due for some boat time and I loved it!!! Sunday the weather cooperated much better than our first day at the cabin. I woke up early, ehem I mean Harpo woke me up early, everyone else was sleeping so I thought I'd try my hand at some dock fishin'.... no luck. But then again I didn't try very long. It's that patience thing...

Once the rest of the gang got up, we had breakfast and a fun chat at the breakfast table, then got ready to head out on the boat for a little tubing. The weather was just perfect for it! Harpo came with us, he turned out to be a pretty good boat dog.
windy harpo & daisy

Although he did get a little frighten once we were going fast and over the wakes. But overall I think he loved it.

Kyle was able to tube for his very first time, although it didn't sit well with his stomach.
kyle tubing

Here I am tubing as well, weeeeeeeeeee
daisy tubing

The boat was acting a little funny so we brought it in, we think it ended up just being all the weeds caught in the rudder (or whatever it's called, lol). So we lazed around the doc, the boys fished some more and Harpo got to swim for the VERY FIRST TIME! It had to be the funniest thing I have ever seen. He was pretty unsure of it. I first put him in the water up by the shore where he could stand up, he looked around a bit then started to drink the water. (I think he does this to try and get himself out of it). Then I moved him a little further in until he had to doggie paddle and you know what he DID! It's like it's instinct. The funny part was though, when I'd pick him up out of the water he was STILL PADDLING, oh it was such a hoot. Poor thing looked scared as a deer in headlights. But we all got a nice laugh out of it. :-)

family photo

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