Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mall of America

This is one of those places everyone just HAS to visit.... or at least they think they have to visit. Kind of like BRANSON! Everyone thinks it's this magical place, full of mysterious wonders... but honestly, can I tell you the truth? It's just a mall - super sized, with an amusement park in the middle... that's it :-)

dropped pizza

A few weeks ago when Kyle and I went to meet up with some family that was in town for the weekend we were walking around and decided to stop and look at the Lego Land. We were standing up on a crosswalk overlooking the Lego Land and watching all the little munchkins scurry around building things, knocking other's sculptures down and being chased by parents.

I hear this weird sound and I look up to find a piece of pizza that was dropped, and then I looked up even further to find a mom looking under the table for where her son's pizza went as he looked over the railing. Now how it got over the railing remains a mystery to me, but it was pretty funny to watch. And EVEN funnier when Kyle and I were back at MoA the next week and the piece of pizza was STILL THERE!!!!!!

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