Friday, July 31, 2009

Preparin' to Fish

Tomorrow morning we're headin' to our friend's cabin on the lake. We plan to go out on the boat and maybe get sum fishin' in as well. So that means we had to blow the dust off der old fishin' gear, get me a pole, and prepare da lines. Man I didn't know we owned so much fishin' stuff, hopefully this motivates us to use it a lil more often.

Now I'm not sure why when I think of fishin' I start to talk all country... or why when we take a car trip ride home I always insist we start listen to country... or after watching an English movie I start to talk British... but somethin' in my brain switches and I jus can't switch er off.

The night started off with a little visitor in our back yard:

Now I've seen these chipmunks 'round the neighborhood, but never in our yard so this was pretty exciting! (PS- I know what you're thinking... "didn't they get rid of all that concrete?" those aren't the broken concrete pieces it's on. Those are molded pieces that we might use to make stepping stones, they were at the house when we moved in, just not sure where to use them yet)

We proceeded to Dick's Sporting Good store, where Kyle jus couldn't decide on which kinda line to get....
kyle decidin

many moons later, a decision tis made and back home the preparin' begins.
goin fishin

(I love how the light on the garage kinda creates a spot light around Kyle. And the sky looks so blue in these.)

Her's my new pole, nuttin' fancy, just sum'n' ter fish with:
fishin pole

And, jus to show off my NEW camera bag... tis an early birthday present from da Mister! Oh wait I don't have to talk country no more :)
new bag!

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