Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It can be done....

Last Friday (7-17) we went downtown for the annual 2009 Aquatennial block party. Now last year we went and saw Blues Traveler (well we saw them sing a few songs, we had to leave mid concert since we were starving!, but we came back after eating) This year we planned it so we ate dinner BEFORE the main band came on... but this also seemed to pose a problem. The Gin Blossoms were playing. We arrived at 5:00 I met Kyle there after work. We headed straight to a place to eat, to avoid the problem we had last year with hurting feet and empty bellies. We got back to the block party about 7:00.... some loud awful opening band was playing so we just walked around the streets for a bit, made our way back about 8:00 and were starting to get exhausted.... we ended up leaving at 8:30 because we didn't want to wait another 30 minutes for the Gin Blossoms to come one, yeah I know pathetic - but maybe we'll see the main band play next year.

Before I headed downtown to meet Kyle the sky was looking a little gloomy and I was debating on whether or not to bring my DSLR camera... so I didn't. BUT I did throw in my old dinker.

Now I've been getting so many comments on how my pictures have been so great since I got a new camera. Secretly inside I'm thinking "so were they not great before?" "it's not ALL about the camera people" "what about the person BEHIND the camera?" (hee hee) and luckily I have a few shots to prove that.

...I have many more picture to prove that hanging around my house if you want to come take a looksie....

Now while wandering the streets of Minneapolis I got a few shots here and there (nothing of the Aquatennial - but you're really not missing much). These following shot were taken with my 4 megapixel, Kodak EasyShare C330, point and shoot that I got back in 2005. Mind you it has a 1.5" LCD screen (EEK) and I kept trying to put it up to my eye, lol. Funny how you get used to something so quickly. Anywho, I'm actually impressed to find out that my dinker has a wider aperture than my current (and only) lens. The picture of the road construction was shot at f/2.7!!!!

I always park in this ramp, it's my 'after hours' ramp. If I go to see Kyle over lunch I park in a different lot, but if I'm ever going to meet him after work I always park in this ramp. It always feels like it's going to collapse when I'm driving in it... adds some adventure ;-)

They say it's either winter in Minnesota... or road construction season - and BOY is this the truth!!!

go away pigeons
I thought these little things were cool, this picture is titled: "Go Away Pigeons"

And this is the ING building, I just like the cool columns.

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