Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Minnesota Morning

So in a way I have been excited about this but at the same time dreading it... what is it you ask? Getting up BEFORE the sun, solely for the purpose of morning twilight. I knew I could get some great shots if I'd just get up to catch the sunrise, and it wasn't until seeing some other photos and talking with my photo buddy Rhiannon that really motivated me to just do it! So I did!!! And I love those amazing colors that you just can't find after the sun has entered the sky.

Hopefully this doesn't take long to load for you... there are a few. This morning, I was visited by a little family of ducks (or were they geese, I can't tell) and I also caught a cool bird when I first got there. Too bad Kyle wasn't with me, he usually has good guesses at these types of things. If you happen to know what kind of bird that is, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Morning in Minneapolis

mlps in the morning

mlps and lake calhoun

early bird

rise and shine

harriet morning

good morning ducks

empty dock

mlps and lake harriet

Harriet sun rise

sun dock

walk on water

look who decided to show up


sail boats


duck family

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Rhiannon said...

Beautiful shots, girl! Great job!

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