Monday, July 6, 2009


Alright, not sure if you saw my slow shutter speed bus shot:
moving bus

but now I'm practicing the opposite, Panning. (which is when you move along with the subject and keep them in focus while creating a motion blur effect in the background) Like I said I'm PRACTICING.... aka: really not very good.... yet. - Hey I'm being optimistic
oh and BTW all these shots are SOOC (straight-out-of-camera). I saw no reason to edit blurry practice shots, hee hee.

First I started off with my little 'dummy' er uh I mean subject :-P
I quickly learned panning was not going to be easy when I started my practice on a crazy dog in a SMALL yard, you never know which way he's gonna go.

DSC_0214 DSC_0215

Then Kyle and I took a walk and I got these two. (yes Kyle and Harpo are just running for the purpose of my practice, aren't they great?)

Then I tried some vehicles and actually had better luck once I caught on a little. Oh but cars are so b.o.r.i.n.g to shoot... but it's practice so I'll deal.

Here are some good articles I found that helped me understand more on Panning
from the dps website (digital photography school):
Mastering Panning
The Art of Panning

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Rhiannon said...

Nice job! I'm no panning expert, but you might try again when you have a little more light outside--these look like they were shot near sundown. I'd bump up your shutter speed a little bit so there's less camera shake, more panning.

And, after capturing a great panning shot at a NASCAR race once (ONCE), here's a trick I learned: as long as they're moving, you can get a nice pan. The faster the cars go, the harder it is to stay with them. So, panning during caution flags when they were going 40 mph had much better results than when they were going full speed.

Don't know if you can use that trick, but thought I'd offer my one piece of panning knowledge. =)

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