Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Proud NON-owners

It's been almost one year, to the day, that our 'project-concrete-backyard' started. I am happy to say after tomorrow morning we will no longer own a random pile of busted up cement!!! WOO HOO and we hope to get sod laid this weekend so that will be another joyous occasion, but I'll cover that then.

Tomorrow I am taking what is left of the concrete pieces to the recycling center (there is a big work area in Maple Grove that I took it to last time, I drive up on this hill and dump it with all the other rocks, concrete, random asphalt stuff)

I've gathered up the past pictures of concrete piles I'd taken. I tried to only get shots of new piles so there shouldn't be any repeat piles...

Pile 1 pile 3 pile 2 Pile 5 Pile 6 Pile 4 Pile 7

SOOO Out of ALL that!!! .....(thanks to people picking it up via craigslist).....

I have only had to haul away these two loads: (kyle helped me load it, but I have to unload it at the site since they only take it during weekday business hours, and kyle's gotta work then)

load one load two part 1

These are part of load 2, that I am taking tomorrow morning:

load two part 2 load two part 3

Notice that the back seat was up in both shots, so they really weren't that big of loads. Yah for projects getting completed!!!!!

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