Thursday, July 9, 2009

Concrete Bustin'

the tools
Well... it's FINISHED!!! We got that huge slab of concrete all broken up! I'll post before and after pictures once we get the sod laid... in a few weeks maybe, not sure when we'll get around to that.

Anywho, our apartment buddies, Jill and Stephanie, came over to 'help' (aka: swinging a sledge hammer to let out aggression, lol). Jill helped once before last fall and found busting concrete to be very therapeutic so she insisted we not finish it up without her help. Which was awesome because with four of us we finished it up in about 45 minutes!! Here's some of our fun!
kyle busting

Jill wacking

steph flexing


We placed it by the alley because we're going to try the craigslist thing again... seemed to really help get rid of the last bunch :-) Much better than us having to haul it away. Pray things go as good as they have in the past.
all done

Here is what was left when we started this evening; I can't wait to have grass!!
the last of it

I just have to throw in a little fur love:
gotta love him

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