Saturday, July 18, 2009

My most favoritest website!!!

I wanted to share with you today a website that I just ABSOLUTELY love! GOOGLE! Okay so a lot of people might love google, but this is a special kind of google..... igoogle! Why you ask? Well let me just show you...

I have access to my gmail inbox, even my yahoo!mail inbox, AND I can google chat whenever I want (I do this with Kyle during the week, hee he):


I even can follow my facebook and twitter feeds!!!! And they have tons of gadgets you can add! I've added this photo one - I think it's called 'Places to See', as well as the time and calendar gadget, and the weather for my area gadget. Which is 63 right now and it's JULY 18th! Is it just me or does something seem wrong with that? I'm wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt in the middle of July!


If I scroll down I have even more fun little boxes, and remember this is ALL ON ONE PAGE!!! Just want I love.

I have a few of the RSS feeds I subscribe to: Pioneer Woman, Digital photography School, and my church's sermon's:

If you haven't found the world of RSS feeds, I really suggest you do. I was a little confused at first with them because I didn't have somewhere to 'feed' them to, but with igoogle it gave me a place - which is how I got started with this thing in the first place.
Not sure what RSS feeds are? Here's an article, but I'll give you a quick definition. Some websites or blogs have RSS feeds, you can subscribe to them and then you get sent a link when that site gets updated. For example MY SITE has an RSS feed (wink, wink, wink) and it would add a link to your feed whenever I update it. (you can subscribe over to the right of my page, or become a follower, either one is cool :) ) There are lots of sites with these, they have the little orange box with curved lines that look like it's putting off a satellite signal.

Okay back to the goodness igoogle has to offer...

Like I mentioned before, there are gadgets you can add, the sky is the limit with these gadgets there is pretty much something for everyone! I've added CNN news feed, top stories,'s top stories, movie show times for my area and a daily bible verse. OH and I almost forgot, which isn't noted in the screen shot below, but I also have three random quotes that change out daily, it's kinda fun.

And just when you thought I was finished.....

I have a flickr box on there too, it doesn't show my pictures, but just a random collection of photos that can be found on flickr. It's also a shortcut if I want to get to my flickr account, because I can just click on the heading and it opens up a new window of flickr and I'm logged in already.

Google isn't the only one with these kind of personal homepages, Yahoo! has one as well, blogline is something that houses RSS feeds, netvibes does that too, and newsgator... but I've never used those, just my trusty dusty igoogle :-)

TADA... and that's all folks! Just wanted to share with you a little thing that gets me through the day and makes keeping up with this crazy Internet world a bit easier.

What's YOUR favorite website???

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Rhiannon said...

Okay--you convinced me! I have heard about iGoogle, but hadn't signed up yet. I love it! But we'll see if this works at work, though... (they block everything fun)

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