Thursday, July 23, 2009

More backyard happenings!

This past weekend we laid mulch in our back flower bed and also got little block dividers to give it a better look. Whatcha think?
block divider

Now we just need to get the rest of our sod laid and weed eat along our new mini-fence.
Here's Harpo, he's just always gotta be the center of my attention

We also have some action going on with our tomatoes and strawberries! I counted 13 little strawberry buds today and there are even more blooms!! YAH for the patio garden! I ended up having to tie some yarn to the fence to hold up the tomato wire thing, it was always falling over because it seems all our tomatoes decided to grow on one side at the same time. Hopefully after a few of those are ready to pick it will even out a bid more.
 tomato strawberry

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