Saturday, December 30, 2023

Christmas 2023

Christmas Eve was on a Sunday, our church had cancelled morning services but still had their Christmas Eve evening services. Except this year they did it at one of the other locations, in St. Paul. We hadn't been to this location before so it was fun to experience a new sanctuary. It was a rainy, dreary night, but fun to get dressed up to celebrate Jesus! 

We headed home and had a chill night in PJs, I got the camera all set up for the next morning: 

Here's our Timelapse video from this year: 

A few chill days at home. We all didn't leave Monday or Tuesday. 

Big present of the year was from Grandma Cindy: a playstation five. We had a milder present year because we're going to Hawaii next week. Besides we're finding that memories make MUCH better presents than gifts... we just have too much STUFF! Excited for next week. 

We collect a new ornament every year and it gets labeled as that year's ornament. This year I picked up a Harley Bell in September to honor my dad. I wanted to do something with it to get the year on it and decided to play with the Santa clause earring file I had made for the girls. I enlarged it, added 2023 to each side and then sliced a spot in the middle of the circle hook to slide the Harley bell's top in. I think it works well to honor my dad, who was always Santa this time of year. 

Doing some post-Christmas shopping. sandals for Hawaii. 

And the kids got to spend some of their money from the grandma's at Target. Merry Christmas!!


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