Friday, December 15, 2023

Rest of October

October 23rd, Monday.
I worked that morning, Thomas stayed home and rested. 

Grandma Judy sent him some balloons. 

LOL I didn't realize Kyle's face in this photo until now, Thomas was obviously feeling better as he punched the balloons to get some energy out. 

Should have taken a photo the night before but thought about it Monday evening. it definitely seemed like his cast was expanding. They cut slits in it to allow for expansion as the arm swells during the healing process. 

Here it is two days later, not sure if you can tell or not. 

Thursday the 26th had our Girls on the Run practice 5K. 

And missing Harpo! It was his birthday that day. 

Lovely fall walk with a friend on Friday. 

Then a check up appointment for Thomas. 
Guess what was on the TV in clinic!?!? Yes, Paw Patrol. 

Now that the swelling has gone down they put another layer of cast around the outside, this one will stay on for another 4 weeks (So casted for 5 weeks total)

Gotta have an ice cream visit in there :-) 

School photos came back, Emma decided she wanted to do re-takes. 

Still swimming once a week, but was the last time before the YWCA closed down. I signed up for master swimming the next month and boy did that improve my swimming quickly. I went from swimming 600-1400 yards on my own once a week to now swimming 1900-2100 yards twice a week, I also have learned the butterfly stroke!! Thanks to a great coach and flippers :-) 

Kyle and I went for a run together Saturday the 28th and I got a frosty badge from Garmin for running when it's below freezing out. 

We made a batch of ghost earrings on the 3D printer, girls had fun giving them as teacher gifts. 

Some views from a fall run, colors are gorgeous this time of year, way more vibrant than Kansas or Missouri, part of why I love Minnesota. 

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