Friday, December 15, 2023

Fall Drone

Ugh, these all loaded in reverse order, and I really don't want to go through and sort them out... so you get them as is :-)

I came back to the west side of the river on Sunday morning to capture the amazing colors at Gold Medal Park: 

Saturday evening after our trunk or treat in Maple Grove we went over to Weaver Lake but as you can see it's pretty much past peak there. 

Landing on the east side of the river on Saturday, it was COLD! Had a little scare with the drone getting too far out of range, I was drawn over by the vibrant colors at Gold Medal Park (which is why I went back the next day) Beautiful views of the stone arch bridge and Mississippi River. 

Friday, while the kids were in school I did some flying, flew it over to their school to capture some views from above and watched as the girls walked home from school, lol. It was the same day Thomas had his arm follow up so he was already home. You might be able to spot them in these next three pics. 

Our lake <3 

View from right above our house, We love our location!

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