Monday, December 4, 2023

Labor Day Hiking Trip & Duluth Agate Hunting

September 3rd (Sunday) we decided last minute to drive up to Duluth to get away for Labor Day. We booked the last two hotel rooms on our way up. Stopped at Jay Cooke state park to get a hike in and find the hiking club password. 

Then drove on into Duluth (Wisconsin actually) to our hotel, ordering take out dinner and letting the kids swim. 


It's a surprise we hadn't been to this state park yet, it's right on the road up to Duluth. But for many years back when we were hitting high volumes of state parks, this bridge was out. The bridge is the MAIN entry into the park trails so no wonder we hadn't gotten this password yet. 

It was also a crazy warm weekend. Kyle was hoping going up north we could escape the heat but it was hot there too!

Beautiful park!

Thankfully it wasn't as long as the last hike so the kids didn't complain as much. 


The next day, September 4th we left the hotel and did some Duluth exploring. On our drive up a friend had told me about the Enger Tower. We'd never heard of it so decided to check it out. It's in a little park with a Japanese garden as well. 

Had lunch

Then attempted some agate hunting up shore. 


We stopped at a little candy store then headed south toward home. 

Verred off the highway a couple times in hopes of finding an area off the beaten path to agate hunt but didn't have any luck. We did discover around the Moose Lake area they have agate pits and it's like $7 to gain entry and hunt agates in these pits. We decided next time we'll go this route but at this point in the day everyone was tired, first day of school the next day so we wanted to get home. 


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